Construction Administration

Construction Administration reduces the risks involved in the building and development industry. Lenders, Investors, and Real Estate professionals can take measures to protect themselves by proactively managing construction projects while they are occurring.  NAC has the experience and expertise to help our clients feel confident that construction projects are progressing as anticipated.

Monthly onsite inspections by an expert can assure the general contractor is building to the original plans and specifications and that billing is in accordance with the progress to date. The quality of construction is proven to be better with regular site inspections. It is best to have a neutral third party, like NAC, performing the construction administration to receive a fair and precise inspection.


  • Pre-project reviews
  • Architectural Document & Cost Reviews
  • HUD 221 (d)(4) Arch & Cost Reviews
  • Construction Progress Reviews
  • Construction Loan Monitoring
  • Owners Representation

Construction loan and progress monitoring services include; regular inspections of the construction project, monitoring the project schedule, assessing change orders, investigating potential change orders, and reviewing lien waivers. The regularly scheduled meetings allow our inspectors to report on what is happening on the site on a regular basis with short feedback loops to the client.  We treat every project as if it’s our money being invested.  Problems that occur during the construction process are reported on immediately.

Contact us today to discuss risk management strategies to avert risk and avoid losses in your construction projects. Recognizing potential risks early in the construction process will result in cost savings and improve the overall quality of the project.

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construction administration
construction administration
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